VuE 360 DeGrEeS

Is it just me or do all of you have tons of things running through your minds at the same time? There is just so much happening all around us, all the time, that sometimes we need to vent! And sometimes, just some times, we can even tolerate reading when someone else is venting out. This blog is for all those times when you feel like reading what others are thinking on a variety of things – to be precise, this blog, as the name suggests, is about a 360 degrees VUE (French for View) of life!


Life is like a book… There are good things, there are bad things- but all come in a package! So there are good places, bad places, good movies (remember which was the last good movie you saw?), bad movies (sure, all the time!), good & bad books. There are just so many things to experience and experiment. But well, in life, they say, you should learn from others’ experiences and experiments.¬†Look at all things good or bad, look at life through my 360 degrees lens, and share with me your take on anything and everything!

Explore my blog for more on books, movies, people & poetry! Sit back, relax & enjoy!


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